Oddball - Camden Fringe 2019

Upstairs at the Gatehouse


All Oddball has to do is behave like a normal person on a date. Easy. It's in a restaurant though. Restaurants have food. And other people. Food and people. She might pull her skin off with pliers. That's normal, right?Musical Comedy Awards Finalist, Francesca Forristal "uses humour as a feminist weapon" (The Sunday Times) in this disarmingly candid exploration of the messier elements of eating disorders and NHS inpatient care. A one-woman show using sound-design, silliness, and zero respect for the 4th wall, Oddball emerged from Forristal's experience with anorexia.All Oddball has to do is deconstruct every toxic preconception society has on eating disorders - in 60 mins. Piece of cake... Wait."Brilliantly funny" ***** LondonTheatre1
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