A-Z of Sex, Drugs & PR: Frank Sinistra - Camden Fringe 2019

The London Irish Centre


Award-winning Pieter Egriega is Frank Sinistra, ex-tabloid reporter who's waiting for his wife's return from a girls' night out with hairdresser, Roger Paul. Whilst conducting his PR business, Frank sings saloon songs and dishes the dirt on celebs. He is brilliantly accompanied by pianist Charles Ormrod, formerly La Widdicombe's stud-muffin. "Genius - one of the great people in Manchester who never got anywhere" (Mark E. Smith - The Fall)2014 National Winner - Creative Arts Stroke Association. 2016 Buxton Fringe - Best Small Music Group. "Hugely talented but unsuitably bohemian - one of Manchester's greatest under-achievers" (Mick Middles.) Manchester 70s New Wave bands, Manicured Noise, Ludus, The Distractions, The Fall.
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