The Werewolf of Washington Heights - Camden Fringe 2019

The Cockpit - The Cockpit


Oh Selene... Men and their towers own the Earthbut borrow the sky. Their very existence a courtesy of you. Two blocks west there are hipsters wearing man-buns and babies. And two blocks east there are dog fights and drug busts. This is the line. This is the cusp. It's urban America. The Werewolf of Washington Heights is a New York City-based tale, taking place in the not-so-distant future. In turns a family drama, a political statement and a surrealistic movement piece exploring the story of the Wild Woman archetype, 'Wolf' tells of a teenager gone missing and a family gone mad. Following its off-Broadway premiere, Slackline Productions brings The Werewolf of Washington Heights to London for its international debut. 'Wolf' explores the universal themes of war, immigration, deportation, racism, misogyny, terrorism, civil rights, and civil disobedience that we, as an international audience, can't help but relate to... and find frighteningly familiar. #wildwomenunite #thetimeisnow
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