You Have Absolutely No Sense Of Time - Camden Fringe 2019

Hen and Chickens


An accident with a time machine brings three very different people together in a way no one would've expected. But do they realise what they've got themselves into?Arthur and Scott, an unlikely pair to work together, visit the Professor in her lab to examine the newest release for their company "SciCorp": a product to store and release time. A very safe machine... in theory. But an unthoughtful move leads the unfinished device to be used and the three find themselves in a situation they didn't expect. A lighthearted comedy for science-fiction fans, families, and those who refuse to grow up. Inspired by "2001-A Space Odyssey". Originally shown at the Questors Theatre "One Minute Past Eight" in October 2018. Written by Shawn Lindsell.
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