One Flew Over The Kyriacou's Nest (Work-in-progress) - Camden Fringe 2019

Hen and Chickens


Welcome inside the mind of endearing oddity Kallis Kyriacou. The British-Greek Cypriot stand-up comedian brings a cinematic debut hour-in-progress. Relatable and natural in style, Kallis throws curveball after curveball with his unbelievable stories. From encounters with European gangsters to heroism in the face of a terror attack (a fake one, but all the same). Growing up with a tough guy father, Kyriacou only felt truly parented by the action films he consumed in his youth. Begging the question do films reflect the violence in humanity? Or does humanity reflect the violence in films? "Kallis is a lovable misanthrope with a weird, hilarious outlook on life. A lot of fun to watch." Maria Shehata
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