Letting Go - Camden Fringe 2019

Hen and Chickens


A man pries into the lives of a couple having an affair on his morning commute, in a bleak, darkly comic satire on how we live our lives through social media. Featuring @PaulBridger73 as The Man, @ZoeFCunningham & CMJ Taylor (aka @carpet_martin of @BritRationals) as the Cheating Couple, a puppy called Fly and pigeon with no name. The play explores our use and abuse of social media, through the eyes of The Man, who's been away for a while. Now he's back and trying to come to terms with life, death, truth, lies, his past and the strange behaviour of humans on planet social media. Written and directed by Andrew Bruce-Lockhart, the play was inspired by real life events on a daily commute into London.