Decisions, Decisions... - Camden Fringe 2019

Hen and Chickens


Teesside's very own Derren Brown - The Evening Gazette. "The only thing I was left wanting was for it to go on longer" - South West Londoner. Wandsworth Arts Fringe: Fragility Takeover Grand Prix Winner 2018. As seen on E4. We make 35,000 decisions a day. How many of these do you make freely? Chris Wall's astounding mind reading show explores free will, influence, and social conditioning. Even a simple 50/50 choice can have incredible consequences. Left or Right? Heads or Tails? Yes or No? Chris will involve members of the audience, taking you on a journey exploring the past, present, and future, where no two shows are the same. An unmissable addition to Camden Fringe. You won't regret coming. Change what you know about reality.