Anita Luna The Diva - Camden Fringe 2019

Hen and Chickens


The diva with super powers. Laughter and tears. Live through her transformation from vulnerable tomboy, who everyone made fun of, to becoming the greatest diva of all time. A story about inner conflict, fighting to fit in and even not to, trapped in a world of stereotypes. In choosing to be different and becoming her alter-ego, Anita Luna the Divine Feminine, she saves herself, maintaining her authenticity, and in turn hopes to encourage others to embrace one's spiritual concoction of being both divine and human. Anita Luna shares her vulnerability with irony on stage, baring her emotions and soul. A one-woman show that's a unique mix of theatre, clown, dance, singing, tragedy and comedy. Starring: Anita Giovannini. Direction: Jango Edwards.
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