Lovers Anonymous - Camden Fringe 2018

St Pancras Community Association - St Pancras Community Association


You are invited to your first LOVERS ANONYMOUS therapy session. They say a problem shared is a problem halved, and our group leaders are here to help. From sexuality to sex, bestiality to breaking up, nothing is off limits. Mixing theatre, movement and improvisation, LOVERS ANONYMOUS turns the spotlight on its audience, and asks what it is to be in (and out of) love in the 21st century. Join the circle, listen to some tales, and even share your own in this unique immersive spectacle.Fresh from their recent successes at London's Voila! Europe Festival and Festival Teatrale Europeo in Rome, ENCOMPASS THEATRE COLLECTIVE ('absolutely worth our time' Exeunt) present a new immersive theatrical event unlike any other. Are you #readyforlove?
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