Wretched - A Thing of Poor Quality - Camden Fringe 2018

Hen and Chickens


Richard Stott was born lopsided. Poland syndrome, a rare birth defect, caused his left hand, arm and chest to be underdeveloped. He's decided to go out on a limb and do what Jeremy Beadle didn't - a whole show about having a small hand. Recounting life-changing surgery, casting rooms and having an epiphany at Stonehenge, Richard pieces together the story of how he went from feeling wretched to rolling with the hand life dealt him. A theatrical comedy from one of Britain's top Poland Syndrome performers. "Has you laughing in delight and sitting in silence appalled" 5 STARS - Play and a Pint. Audience quotes:"Genuinely theatrical, funny, thought provoking + moving"; "Richard Stott in Wretched is pitch perfect! A must see moving comedy"
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