Crashers // Nannies - Camden Fringe 2018

Tristan Bates Theatre


Crashers' is a romance featuring a group of twentysomethings discovering how Tory austerity and capitalist aspiration has affected their lives and loves. Having come of age in the 2008 financial crisis and now reaching their thirties in the Brexit era, they are all set to reunite for a party. But Luke arrives early in London to confront his host, ex-lover Aaron, about their past and their futures amongst political upheaval and personal crises - before their bank accounts empty and their twenties run out. The comedy, 'Nannies', takes a look at social inequality and modern-day class divisions through the eyes of Gravity and Sarah, two young women at either end of their age group, who spend all their time in houses they'll never own, with kids they'll never like. Encountering one another over their buggies, Gravity and Sarah develop an unlikely friendship, bonding over millennial disillusionment, learning about the realities of adulthood, and figuring out what to buy from Waitrose.
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