Just Snap Out Of It LIVE! - Camden Fringe 2018

The Bill Murray


Just Snap Out Of It is a podcast co-hosted by Asha Reid, Actress and Lord of Depression & Alexis Wieroniey, Comedian and Queen of Anxiety. Together they interview fellow creatives & chat mad shit about their mental ailments, how they keep their sanity, while aiming to break the stigma behind mental health. Just Snap Out Of It LIVE will be part performance, part interview. We will have a new guest each show to perform their badass talents, then we'll get reals deep & start the conversation on all them evil little mind gremlins. Audience questions are very much welcome!Guests will be announced on our social media & website. Both shows will be recorded for our lil podcast peeps around the world. *****'You girls make me howl with tears'
No Performances