My Friend, My Partner - Camden Fringe 2018

The Monkey House


Meet Mim and Ziz. They do EVERYTHING together, so how will one of them cope when the other finds a new best friend?'My Friend, My Partner' is a comedic, playful and open look at our timeless relationship with alcohol through humour, simplicity, and striking visuals and sounds - expect hot tunes, sick moves and feel drunk without the hangover.Transferring after a successful debut at The Pleasance earlier this year, 'My Friend, My Partner' blends clown, verbatim text and hundreds of post-its, to ask whether alcohol abuse is the problem itself, or the symptom of a deeper one.Suitable for 14+, hard of hearing, and international audiences.'Surreal, honest and hilarious'...'Keeps your eyes wide (and your smile wider) with anticipation'
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