Clueless presents Two - Camden Fringe 2018

The Lion and Unicorn


Fourteen characters, two actors and one night in a bar in Northern England. This is the recipe for Jim Cartwright's Two. Blended together with a whirlwind of emotion, questionable customer service and unspoken truths. From the landlord and landlady who despise the sight and sound of one another to a shaken (not stirred) cocktail of customers, Two explores the different types of relationships in society today. Beautifully written & performed.'Jim Cartwright's 1989 play is a distillation (no pun intended) of what we've all experienced whilst nursing a drink in the local - rows, adolescent showing off, pathetic pick-up lines and overheard snippets of bizarre conversations' J.D. Atkinson. 'The comedy, descending into tragedy and back to hope, was handled with absolute ease by the cast and we were swept along with this rollercoaster of emotions' Pierse Stevens, Spotlights Magazine. This amateur production of 'Two' is presented by special arrrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD
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