How I Became a Dominatrix Using Damned Lies and Statistics - Camden Fringe 2018

Etcetera Theatre


Imagine Noel Coward rewriting 50 Shades of Grey as a farce set in the age of FetLife and sexting - with so many ways to communicate, why are Christie and Scott so busy lying to each other ... and themselves? Christie knows what she wants - to be a dominatrix! A comedy looking at sadomasochism from a factual point of view, HIBDUDLS includes demonstrations of caning and bondage as well as discussions of alternate lifestyles. Written by the author of London Lovecraft festival sell-outs Mountains of Madness and Asenath's Tale, this four hander will have you squirming in your seats and either practicing your "safe word" or reaching for a flogger. With content inspired by real-life BDSM classes, it's not just entertaining but educational.
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