Asexual Healing - Camden Fringe 2017

The Star of Kings

Featuring some (x3) of Edinburgh's finest comedy talent to emerge in the past 9-24 months, Tom Joyce (glasses, beard), Joe McArdle (beard, ginger) and Steve Duffy (ginger, glasses) present their newest comedy babechild: Asexual Healing. An hour of sketch, stand-up, song, dreams, nightmares.

From the team behind Edinburgh Fringe cult hits Vampire Hospital Waiting Room, Apocalypse Cruise Ship Love Affair, Ghostcop and alumni of The Improverts.

Joe McArdle: "Exceptional timing and wit... very accomplished" Boxdust.

Tom Joyce: "It takes a lot of guts to include an interval in your five-minute spot, and a lot of talent to make it funny. Joyce had both" The Skinny.

Steve Duffy: "Left tears of joy in everyone’s eyes" The Student.

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