Dan Horrigan's Reprehensible Men 2 - Camden Fringe 2017

Tristan Bates Theatre


Join our Reprehensible Men as they walk through dreams, speak of the wounds we all carry, converse with gradivas, seek the truth, and bestow gifts. Angel devil ragabond blokes damned with a hint of imagination will take you deep into dusk and through till dawn - and they will change you (for the better is the idea, they may be reprehensible but they aren't c*nts) Through the power of the cautionary tale we will enlist your help in order to bless each other with the power of our understanding and in the process discover some unusual benefits to this pact we make. A show for those who howl at the nebulous moon and bleed out under early morning birdsong - we need to, it's sane and even if it wasn't, it wouldn't be wrong. Lovers encouraged.
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