Borders In A Bedroom - Camden Fringe 2017

Tristan Bates Theatre


The award winning play, 'Outstanding Playwright', 'Outstanding Production', 'Outstanding Male Lead' from NYC's Tamasha Festival! Set across one evening in New York, Maya and Imran, a British Hindu- American Muslim couple, delve into religion, nationalism, politics and philosophy in the intimacy of a bedroom. The play brings to life with brimming heat the conversations most of us would never dare to have in our lifetimes. "Borders in a Bedroom is a must-see if you're looking to be both entertained and aroused by the ups and downs of a relationship other than your own!” Brown Girl Magazine "Borders In a Bedroom is far from an exercise in theatrical “heaviness”. The play is imbued with a great deal of humour and warmth." Huffington Post
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