Circus Abyssinia: Ethiopian Dreams - Camden Fringe 2017

The Cockpit - The Cockpit


An unashamedly joyful mix of astonishing stunts and enchanted adventure, Circus Abyssinia: Ethiopian Dreams follows the journey of two little Ethiopian brothers, whose dream of joining the circus is whisked into life by the Man in the Moon. Plunged into a world of daredevil wonders, the boys encounter a host of other circus dreamers: dancing, contorting, gravity-defying figures, all weaving tales of their own. Featuring the inimitable Konjowoch Troupe, with dialogue written by Cal McCrystal, the show is a surreal retelling of how the cast dreamed of the circus in a country without one and came together to create a phenomenal new Ethiopian tradition. Packed with mischief, hilarity and breathtaking circus skills to delight all ages.
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