Jelly - Camden Fringe 2017

The Cockpit - The Cockpit


Forced from her home because of rising waters, Sita goes to the Mega City to find sanctuary. She takes refuge in the 'Hanky-Bank', a brothel run by Mish, the benefactor of the city. Mish maintains control by distributing Rosy Grey, a drug-like paint mixture, which takes its consumer into guilty memories. Sita becomes addicted to Rosy Grey in a hunt to find her lost brother and home. When she meets Jacob, an employee of Mish and paint maker, the two dare to step outside of Rosy Grey and meet with the Jellyfish, a deity on the edge of their perception. The Jelly offers them alchemy in a recipe for a new colour of paint, a choice for them to take… £1 of each ticket goes to refugee charity.
No Performances