Sketchatron - Camden Fringe 2017

The Bill Murray


An incredible night of comedy featuring some of the best acts at the Camden Fringe, all on one bill. "An amazing night" Time Out. "Rollickingly brilliant" Edinburgh Festivals Magazine. Time Out Critics' Choice Metro Critics' Choice As the legend goes, comedy cyborg Sketchatron first roamed the earth 2008-2012, becoming the biggest sketch comedy showcase in the country and hosting the best acts on the circuit, before retiring to her underground robot cryo-chamber awaiting the robopocalypse. Humanity, you have yet again proven pissingly incompetent; sentience and caffeine is wasted on you. You are all but noisy sludge with bad hair. Sketchatron resurrects to bring order to your chaos. Come & pay tribute. Hosted by Idil Sukan.
No Performances