Idil Sukan: Bigger - Camden Fringe 2017

The Bill Murray


Hi. So if you like comedy posters & photos, you may have heard of me, legendarily overworked Idil Sukan. Or at least, seen my work. I've designed 500 million posters. I'm a big deal in LA. I get back pain from hoisting cameras around, hunching over laptops & airbrushing comedians' nose hairs. What every little girl dreams of. So I'm doing this show. Like a TED talk, about me & how great I am at this stuff. That's what a TED talk is, right? Someone telling everyone else how great they are? That sounds like my kind of thing. We may even design a poster together. I know, right. Sounds exciting. To entice you further, I'll be spending some time before the show writing jokes about fonts. An hour of improvising & designing & stand-up comedy.
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